It’s a Small World, After All

I'm not in a good spot right now. I feel like I've hit a wall again, pharmaceutically speaking. This is what happens, you take meds long enough and you build up a tolerance to them and they just don't hit the mark anymore. So I'm phasing out one mood stabilizer as I start another, one … Continue reading It’s a Small World, After All



I'm tired of facing the same old crap day after day and nothing changing. But then, I'm not changing anything to make change happen, so why the fuck am I bitching? I'm just tired of fighting, I guess. I'm tired of never getting anywhere. Tired of being alone. I'm lonely but don't feel like I've … Continue reading Tired


"Hey, why don't you smile?" Whenever I hear someone say that I want to answer, "Hey, why don't you fuck off?" Maybe I don't feel like smiling, did you ever think of that? Maybe I don't feel like I have much to smile ABOUT right now. Maybe you should mind your own business and put … Continue reading Smile